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About the Artist

    I always loved creating art. While my sister played with her dolls,I was coloring. My constant companions growing up were pencils, crayons, and watercolors.  Later on, carbon pencil, soft pastels, ink, oil paint and acrylic paint joined the group.  My parents loved my creations, but told me, "You'll never make a living doing art".  So, I became an actor.  I moved to Chicago as a young adult in pursuit of an acting career.  I had minimal success and fate led me back to art. When I got married, instead of giving out the traditional necklace, I made hand painted jackets for my bridesmaids.  Everyone thought they were fabulous and said "You should sell these." So I did. I worked the art and craft shows and some of my customers asked me to paint murals in their homes. This turned into a business named "Witzzend". Meanwhile, I got a job at an upscale boutique hand painting nursery decor. I was making a living doing art.  Eventually my husband and I moved to the suburb of Elgin and had a child. I put my art on hold as my family became my first priority.  My son grew older and I found more time to paint.  My marriage came to an end after many bumpy years. I reinvented myself as "Dream in Color". Art is now my focus. I will always put my son first, but art is my driving force.  I am always trying new things and I am happy creating again.

I know this is my Calling.

Dream in Color

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Kimberly Stourton

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